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Anonymous asked:
to the person before my bestfriend is an Arab girl and she beyond gorgeous I must say. She gets picked on by some people but overall she's gorgeous


Anonymous asked:
What is your opinion on Arab girls?!? Have you me any attractive ones? And how are they personality wise? And even if you don't know any what is your perception of them?

I’m not into girls. I’m a straight female. I think they’re beautiful tho and sadly I don’t know any. I think every race has something beautiful and unique about them. I’d like to learn the language one day.

Anonymous asked:
What do you do when the love of your life is on a different fucking continent and you can't see them?:(

Hold it down until you can see them in person. Military families, husbands, wife etc. do it all the time. I applaud them for that.

justmenikel asked:
Can I get some girls to follow my instagram? @nikeljay lol


Anonymous asked:
are you boy or girl?


Anonymous asked:
Other than running this blog,what do you like to do for fun?

Basketball, exercise for bootcamp, shop and study a foreign language.

Instagram: nikeljay

Anonymous asked:
What race is he? post/92485798480/ig-screamjoeey

Wouldn’t it make since to ask him about it instead of us. His Instagram is under the pic so maybe you should ask him.

IG: darrin_jones


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