Anonymous asked:
Do you think talking/dating someone that is 22, and myself being 17 is wrong?

There’s no wrong or right answer to this. If you think about it Jay-Z and Beyonce are 12 years apart. It all depends on the maturity level and I mean love is love. 4 years isn’t that bad of a gap and you’ll be legal when you turn 18. I think this question is all about perspective and how you look at it.



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Anonymous asked:
There's this guy I have been obsessing over for the last year now. I know I sound crazy but have you ever had a feeling inside like this the one.we just go. He's my cousins best friend and he thinks I'm too young because I'm 17 and he's like19. We have really good conversations all night that are so deep, and then sometimes he doesn't even reply. He never texts first. I know deep down he feels something for me but he always tells me he just can't. Idk what to do. Do I give up or try harder?

I say you do you. Yeah he probably likes you but he has to realize on his own what he lost if he doesn’t go after you. 2 years isn’t bad at all. Don’t force something if he isn’t putting in effort to make it work. The worst thing you can do is make a guy do something that’s he’s not ready to. So if he’s not trying to commit don’t force it.
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