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Soo we have a lot of advice questions. I’ll try my best to answer them since I’m the only one who answer the advice questions.

With that being said. Please be patient for your answer to be posted. This is a site that is dedicated to posting pictures of boys and we don’t want to fill it up with advice. I’m happy to help anyone who needs it though.

Anonymous asked:
Do you have another blog?

Yeah we have our personal blogs and

Anonymous asked:
Okay, so like i have a friend named andrew and we're not really that close and i sort of caught feelings for him, I just want some tips on how we can bring our relationship closer, like become better friends? I'm really shy, and i'm always afraid to start the conversation first.

To be honest just be yourself and start normal conversations that you’d start with any other guy that’s your friend. Ask him a general question that could start a convo.

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Anonymous asked:
So this guy i was talking to all of sudden stop talking to me but disnt tell my why but he told my friends that i was a bad kisser and i was scary and boring but we were only talking for a few days. What does this mean lol??

Not to be rude but it means that he probably isn’t into you. I mean I’ve talked to guys for a couple of days and decided I didn’t like them so I didn’t lead them on.

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Anonymous asked:
how can i tell a guy i wanna hangout without sounding like a creep

Lol just be like, “You wanna hang out?” And if he says no then move on with life

Anonymous asked:
There's this guy that I really like and I'm not sure if he likes me back.. His friend told me that he likes me while he was standing there but I didn't believe him so I laughed it off.. He didn't deny it but he got mad at me and after that he told me he loved me but I didn't know what to say so he just turned around.. Sometimes I see him glance at me in class and sometimes he'll treat me differently than others. He knows I don't date though and he keeps getting girlfriends.. What do you think?

I think he likes you. Lol. One thing I’ve learned is that as females we tend to over think things. If the boy says he like you and he shows it then it’s pretty obvious he does.


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